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This Restaurant Provides Year-Round Summer Fun

A Tropical Getaway Right Outside Your Door

There’s no denying it: when you look up “tropical getaway” in the dictionary, you’re probably not going to find a picture of  Lincoln Nebraska on the pages.

Luckily, Daq Shack has you covered!


This new restaurant concept by the mad culinary scientists at Dead Presidents Group is designed to sweep you off your frozen (or flip-flopped) feet, and take you away to a place where it’s always a beautiful summer day — no matter how hard the wind is blowing outside.

Daq Shack in Lincoln, Nebraska’s newly-developed Leighton District offers a delicious, balmy vacation from reality, right in the heart of Lincoln’s historic University Place. 

The Flats store front

Not Your Typical Tropical

When you walk into Daq Shack, you’ll know right away that this isn’t your typical tropical bar. While the Daq Shack experience was built around tropical themes and vibrant island life, it’s still a concept that was dreamt up in the heartland, where fresh, delicious ingredients and thoughtful recipes are the star of the show. Utilizing ingredients from our local partners, Daq Shack is truly the best surf & turf you’ll find around.

Lobster and Fried Chicken: the Ultimate Surf & Turf

The one-of-a-kind menu at Daq Shack is one you won’t soon forget. The lobster menu ranges all the way from a traditional Maine lobster roll (as well as Daq Shack’s own spin on it) to fried fish bites paired with one of our homemade dipping sauces. And we haven’t even gotten to the fried chicken sandwiches yet!

Daq Shack’s buttermilk fried chicken is made with a carefully-crafted house recipe, and comes in a variety of different sandwich options. You can have a sandwich with local ham or bacon, hot or sweet, you name it! And around here, of course, you can’t forget the beef! With decadent, high-quality Wagyu beef on the menu, a meal at Daq Shack is anything but ordinary.

A Daiquiri Lover’s Dream

There’s something for people of all ages at Daq Shack, but for the adults, we’ve created a thoughtfully-curated, vibrant menu of signature, hand-crafted daiquiris. You won’t find a bottle of pre-mixed daiquiri on the shelves at Daq Shack! Here, the bartenders are mixing up unique flavors you can’t find anywhere else, especially not anywhere in the Midwest.

Visit this new Leighton District oasis!

Daq Shack is an exciting part of Leighton District, a thriving new community in Lincoln, Nebraska. With unique dining options and luxury apartments to call home, this part of our capital city is the perfect destination for your next night out, afternoon getaway, or lunch with friends!